Introduction To Phygital

Phygital Experience

We are missing the brick-and-mortar shopping experience, but not really because digital transformation has changed the way we look at products, services. Covid-19 is one of the sole reasons for the boost in digital transactions.

There have been numerous changes in consumer perception since the beginning of the pandemic. It taught the retailers the importance of online presence and how e-commerce can take care of the consumer needs all in one place.

But the digital transformation is limited to many products and services because there are people who miss onto the interpersonal interactions that take place in offline retail.

Both the experiences have their pros and cons but in the upcoming years, the concept of Phygital will play a great role in the success of any enterprise.

Phygital combines both online and offline environments, which takes the best aspect from both the spaces. The key to a successful venture or maybe a high profit earning company would be the adoption of such a platform that fulfills all the demands of the customer, i.e. from personal experience to smooth transaction systems.

In our country, the e-commerce industry is booming at a very fast pace and will surpass the United States by 2025. Considering this we need to learn more about the phygital era and invest our time to make the best out of this technology.

Three things that phygital takes from the digital retail experience are:

1. Immediacy- Means things happen at the exact moment within time.

2. Immersion- making the user the most important part of the phygital experience.

3. Interaction- To keep the physical & emotional parts of the purchase active.

These three things will make sure that the consumer feels much more connected to the brand, gains trust, and loves the new retail experience. We’re no longer looking at an only digital experience or offline experience, we’re now looking at CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE.